Florida 2018

Ready for take off!!!

Relaxing in the pool

Bok Tower and Gardens

Wild Florida

Boat ride over the Everglades

Breakfast at IHOP




HI! Welcome back to my blog. Long time no see!

Hope you all had a fantastic time over the festive period and are as motivated as I am to make this year a great one. As we are now well into the new year (I can't believe its nearly February already!) I would like to start posting more regularly as I wasn't as active last year as I would have liked to have been and would love to share the new experiences and memories I will make this year along with the obstacles and hard times I will encounter and overcome!

That being said... here are some memories from our family holiday to Orlando back in August, hope you enjoy!

p.s I would also like these pictures to be a reminder to never let anything get in the way of your happiness, as even with a disability that makes it more difficult to travel, I was able to soldier through an 8 hour flight so I could have my amazing holiday and make some long lasting memories in sunny Florida with my family!

I even swam in a natural spring with manatees!!

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