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after the life changing spinal fusion  I had in January 2014, me and my mum decided to  raise money for the charity 'starlight wish' a charity aimed at children with lifelong difficulties and children with a terminal diagnosis, funding a holiday to make everlasting memories in a challenging situation, we have raised £2400 so far.  we are overwhelmed by how much friends and family have supported us  throughout the fundraising. We have loved raising money and hope to do it again, most of the money was raised through doing a lottery bonus ball so thank you to each and everyone of you for your going support!



I was honoured  to be  nominated for INSPIRATIONAL ABERDEENSHIRE by the education authority because they recognised my ongoing strength never to give up! also because of the tough journey Ive had medically over the last couple of years, I didn't get through to the final, a huge congratulations to the winners also to everyone that was nominated!


At school I do a subject called fashion & textile, for one of my units I made a tartan tunic/dress for my little cousin Brenna, I also made palazzo pants and various other small items, I really enjoyed this subject and hope to do more in the future.