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family and pals

I have  a brother and sister who are both also 16. we come from Peterhead in the north east of Scotland  also known as the "blue toon " where it is always mostly windy and cold. All my life my nana and grandad have been a huge inspiration to me, my nana is like a second mum and remains a huge support. My auntie, my mum's sister lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and7 year old twins, Euan and Brenna. She is a clinical therapist who also is a huge inspiration in her community. I am very excited as they are coming over to visit us in April for two weeks, this will be there first time home in Scotland for years! We are a very close family and love every chance we can spend together will be exploring Loch Lomond,Glasgow and Edinburgh. When you have a disability it is difficult to make and sustain friends it really does take someone who really cares and understands, every teenager with a disability most definately experiences the same journey, that's one of the reason's that I felt so strongly about creating my own website.