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Facts Aboot Me

i'm a very bubbly outgoing 16 year old and I'm a TRIPLET!!

I am a lover of everything to do with fashion. You can look at my portfolio page for more insight of my love for fashion and everything to do with fashion! I love nothing more than browsing round clothes shops especially Zara which is one of my favourites.

I am currently at Peterhead Academy and studying English, Maths. Fashion & Textile and Admin and modern studies

I love Italian and Mexican food and love eating out.

My favourite type of TV is reality programmes such as 'THE VOICE' and 'I'm a celeb' and love Geordie Shore!

I absolutely love going on holiday especially Florida , I just love the climate and obviously the Disney parks and love the fact that my family can come and meet us from Chicago and we can enjoy a family get together in the sun !