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All throughout my life, I have dealt with obstacles from difficult surgeries to having to prove that I am a contributor to society.I don't consider my disability as the end of the world and you shouldn't either.

I am a 16 year old triplet born extremely premature, 13 weeks perm infact! between only weighing 650g  and also being born last I suffered a trauma at birth, as the result I have cerebral palsy that affects my whole body, I have to face challenges every day but my disability will never stop me going for and reaching my dreams.

Infact there are people all over the  world with cerebral palsy that are doctors,teachers and even motivational speakers,unfortunately it is difficult for some  people to see past the wheelchair and see the potential of the person sitting in the chair!

Once you start focusing on what you can do rather than what you can't you have the ability to not only take the world on by storm,but also to impact people around you,don't ever give up when you feel CP wants to knock you down, just continue to be positive and believe  in yourself!

You can either dwell on your disability or turn it into an amazing experience.Life gives us opportunities to learn every day and sometimes when we don't realise it , it can be a blessing. Cerebral palsy can be challenging but it can be the most rewarding experiences in life because you learn to never take anything for granted.



Facts Aboot Me

Hey, I'm ellis & welcome. I created this website cos I wanted others to share the amazing roller coaster ride of my life with me, a teen with a disability.  I am a triplet in a wheelchair but  this doesn't stop me enjoying my life to the max .  SO WHY NOT COME & JOIN ME  ON MY JOURNEY OF LIFE WHERE ABILITY AND DETERMINATION COUNT MORE THAN DISABILITY.SEE PAST MY DISABILITY AND GET TO KNOW THE PERSON-ME-ELLIS STEPHEN.

Family & Pals

i have  a brother and sister who are both also 15. we come from peterhead in the north east of scotland  also known as the "blue toon " where it is always mostly windy and cold. My nana and grandad have been a huge inspiration to me, my nana is like a second mum and remains a huge support. My mum's sister lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and twins, Euan and Brenna. She is a clinical therapist who also is a huge inspiration in her community.I haven't actually visited Chicago as yet but hope too soon!  I am very excited as they are coming over to visit us in April for two weeks, this will be there first time home in years! I feel like this trip will bring us closer together and build my confidence as my auntie is very supportive, we will be exploring Loch Lomond and Edinburgh and Glasgow we can't wait to spend quality time together as a family.